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Eliza COWELL (1843-1879)

1 Eliza COWELL (1843-1879), dau. of James William COWELL (1822- ) and Sarah (COWELL) (1829- ).

Born 1843, St Sepulchre, Finsbury, London City, Middlesex, UK.1 Marr Thomas HARMAN 28 May 1860, Birmingham.2 St Philip's Church, Birmingham. Their adresses: Both at Mary Ann Street.
His age: 23. Her age: 17.
His father: Job Harman, Brewer.
Her father: James Cowell, Butcher.
Witnesses: Mary Ann Abbott and James Wells. Marr John SHORTLAND Q4 1863, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK.3 Died 7 Jan 1879, Oxford Rd, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK.4 Cause: Exhaustion - Malignant disease of the heart (1 year). Certified.

William's birth certificate names his mother as Eliza Shortland, previously Harman, formerly Cowell. This enabled us to track down her marriage to the unfortunate Thomas Harman, married at 23, dead at 24.

2nd wife of John Shortland (b. 1831)

Frank's RC baptismal records in Cork give his mother (probably step-mother) as Eliza Olive (Prior?). Must look at this again.

Sp. Thomas HARMAN (1837?-1862), son of Job HARMAN ( - ).

Note on Marriage to Eliza COWELL: His father: Job Harman, Brewer.
Her father: James Cowell, Butcher.

Sp. John SHORTLAND (1831-1916), son of Francis SHORTLAND (1796?-1875) and Jane RIDGEWAY (1800?-1838).

Born: Berkhamsted 1831.
Baptism: 1836 20th March: John "second son" (born 1832) (Who was first son?)
1851 Census: Lived in digs, with Williams family, 28 Oxford Rd., High Wycombe
Married Levina Rockall, 1st child Clara 1858
Married Eliza Olive Harman, 1st child William 1864
1881 Census: Widowed - Lived at 40 Oxford Rd., High Wycombe
( 1875.htm)
Married Rebecca Groves, 1st child Albert 1885
1891 Census: Married to Rebecca, living at 42 Newland Meadows, High Wycombe.
1901 Census: Married to Rebecca, living at 42 Newland Meadows.

1 William SHORTLAND (1864-1864).

Born 16 Jan 1864, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK. Died 1864.

Birth Registration:
Sub-district of High Wycome in County of Buckinghamshire
16th January 1864, Newland, Wycombe.
John Shortland, Sergeant in Militia
Eliza Shortland previously Harman formerly Cowell
Father is informant
Registered 3rd February 1864
Registrar: William Raffety.

2 Frederick John SHORTLAND (1865-1945).

Born 1865, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK.5,6 Birth Ref:
Wycombe Oct-Dec 1865, 3a 415. Marr Emily SHORTLAND Q4 1887, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK. Marr May HOLLAND 28 Sep 1939, Registry Office, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK. Died Q3 1945, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK. Death Ref:
Q3, Wycombe, 3a 1129
Reported by Norm Ford (grandson).

Sent: Saturday, November 25, 2006 11:33 PM
From: Norm' Ford
Subject: Re: list .

Gaye = Until I found the Shortland website on the Net I did not know there were any other Shortlands other than my mother and Frederick John Shortland who, by the way, spent a few years in the Bucks and Oxon Light Infantry as did his father. John Shortland, the Patriarch, must have put in at least 20 years since he was a pensioner when he died.

I estimate Frederick John Shortland would have joined up between 1883 and 1885 or a bit later. I believe he played in the band and when a small kid I found parts of his uniform and brass band instruments in their house in Wycombe. I wonder if the term "drummer" refers to a member of a military band, not merely one who played a drum.
Regards = Norm' Ford

Sent: Friday, October 25, 2007.
From: Norm' Ford
The discovery by Colin of the cottage "Stepping Stones" at Lacey Green rather than Speen, Bucks and that my grandfather Frederick John Shortland's second wife was called May Holland is a big step forward. I still believe my mother referred to her as "Nan" but many Shortland family members appear to have had nicknames. For example, F.J. Shortland's first wife Emma was often called "Bob" and the kids called her Auntie Bob. My parents almost always referred to me as "Mac" rather than Norman. So that may explain the name "Nan".

Colin's report about the various Shortland military records topples my belief that Frederick John Shortland served in the Bucks and Oxon Light Infantry. He was definitely in some kind of military service. Most likely in the same "militia" as his father. I always assumed that "militia" was another word for "Army". If not, what was it?

First, I am positive that Frederick John Shortland did not serve in World War I. He did tell me that every summer his military unit went to Ramsgate, Kent for training. Could he have been in the territorials? As far as I can remember, he played a bass (a brass instrument) in a military band. He also played in a Salvation Army band.
Regards = Norm' Ford.

Sp. Emily SHORTLAND (1869-1933), dau. of Henry MILES (1837?-1883) and Rosetta HIGGINS (1836- ).

Norm' Ford recollects: "Emma was often called "Bob" and the kids called her Auntie Bob. ".

1 Jessie SHORTLAND (1891-1969).

Born Q4 1891, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK. Died 1969, Wycombe Hospital, Buckinghamshire, UK. Cause: Stroke. Source: Norm Ford.

Sp. Frederick William FORD (1890-1949).

1 Norman Denis FORD (1921-2009).

Born 8 Jan 1921, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK.7 Marr Phyllis Shirley MCGRATH 1943, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. Marr Angela LAURENITIS 1967, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. Marr Shirley Jean MAYS 1986, Poteet, Texas, USA. Died 19 Jun 2009, Kerrville, Texas, USA.

Email from Norm to Nick Shortland:
Nick - Great to hear from you and Thanks so much for the Shortland website address. I was stunned by the treasure trove of info about JohnShortland and descendents, my mother never mentioned him or the fact that her father was one of his dozen children.
My grandfather John Frederick Shortland was one of the children of John Shortland (1832-1916) and Eliza Olive Harman and he was born in 1865and died in 1945, in both cases at High Wycome. Some of the bio infoon the website isn't quite correct.
John Frederick Shortland was married twice. First time in 1897 to Emma Miles of Penn Bucks (birth date unknown, died about 1933). They hadtwo children, one of whom died in infancy and the other, Jessie Shortland, born 1891, died around 1969, was a schoolteacher then a housewife. She married Frederick William Ford of Windsor in 1916. I am their only offspring, Norman Dennis Ford, born Jan 1921 at High Wycombe and still here.
After Frederick John Shortland's wife Emma died around 1933, he retired and lived with us for two years or so in Wales, then returned to High Wycombe. Then in his early seventies, he married a lady whose firstname was Nan, probably in late 1930s. Nan had a thatched cottage called Stepping Stones and I believe it was located about 7 miles north of Wycombe, perhaps near Speen.
In 1940 while on leave from the Merchant Navy I cycled from my parents' home at Gloucester to Wycombe and stayed a few days with a sister of Emma Shortland. While there, I recall cycling to Frederick John and Nan's thatched cottage for a daytime visit and returning to Wycombe.I was then 19.
According to the bio material under John Frederick Shortland on the website, a young girl called Maureen remembers visiting John and "May" at West Wycombe around 1941 and spending a day at their thatched cottage. I don't know who John and May were but the thatched cottage wasn'tat West Wycombe and I don't recall that it was semi-detached (thoughit might have been).
Later, around 1944, I again visited Frederick John and Nan Shortland at their cottage north of High Wycombe and stayed overnight. Nan was gradually losing her sight, probably due to cataracts, and my grandfather walked with a cane due to deteriorating hip cartilage.
The following year, 1945, while I was in Burma my mother wrote to saythat my grandfather had died in Wycombe Hospital of urinary tract blockage. I don't know what happened to Nan.
My father, Frederick William John Matthew Ford died at Gloucester in 1949 at age 59 from a heart attack. My mother moved back to Wycombe and lived in a small flat there, eventually dying of a stroke around 1969 while in Wycombe Hospital.
Forty-one years ago, the fact that they both died from arterial blockage , caused me to become a vegetarian which I still am. I was already a long-distance cyclist and mountain hiker and though I've had to give up long walks due to a knee problem, I still ride a bicycle. A fewyears ago, I toured Western Ireland by bike on my own, overnighting atB&Bs. I maintain a website at
Nick, I'll go through a suitcase full of family photos and memorabilia and see what else I can dig up about the Shortlands.
Meanwhile, ManyThanks Again for all your help. = Best Wishes, Norm'Ford.

Sp. Phyllis Shirley MCGRATH (1921-1978).

Sp. Angela LAURENITIS (1923- ).

1 Kirk FORD ( - ).

Adopted son of Norm and Angela.

Sp. Blair (FORD) ( - ).

1 Tristan FORD (1998- ).

Born 1998.

2 Mollie FORD (2002- ).

Born 2002.

2 Eric FORD ( - ).

Adopted son of Norm and Angela.

Sp. Karen (FORD) ( - ).

1 Ashley FORD ( - ).

2 Amanda FORD ( - ).

Sp. Shirley Jean MAYS (1935-2007).

Sp. May HOLLAND (1881?- ).

Note on Marriage to Frederick John SHORTLAND: Norm Ford remembers this person as being called Nan.

Research shows us that her name was actually May (Holland) which coincides with Maureen Carreck's recollection of a visit during the war.

3 Margaret SHORTLAND (1869- ).

Born 1869, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK. Died.

Born High Wycombe, Bucks.

4 George SHORTLAND (1872- ).

Born 1872, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK. Died.

5 Mary Agnes Emma SHORTLAND (1874-1952).

Born 3 Jan 1874, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK. Have birth certificate. Marr Francis George GREENWOOD Q4 1899, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK.8 Died 1952, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK. Death Ref:
Maureen Carreck says:
She died at West Middlesex Hospital and was buried there around 1952.

Sp. Francis George GREENWOOD (1879- ).

1 Eileen Mary GREENWOOD (1911-2001).

Born 6 Apr 1911, Hampton Hill, Middx., UK. Died 2 Dec 2001.

Sp. Sydney Charles CARRECK (1907-1964).

1 Maureen CARRECK (1934- ).

Born 1934, Hampton Hill, Middx., UK. Marr Stanley Ernest Alfred SMITH 1955. Marr Mark Richard WESTON 1977. Marr John Michael LOCKYEAR 19 Mar 2009.

Went to Australia in 1951 - now lives in Victoria.

After divorce, Maureen reverted to her maiden name Carreck in honour of her father.

Sp. Stanley Ernest Alfred SMITH (1933- ).

1 Geoffrey Charles SMITH (1957- ).

Born 17 Jul 1957, Australia.

2 Barry John SMITH (1967- ).

Born 25 Jan 1967, Australia.

Sp. Mark Richard WESTON (1953- ).

Sp. John Michael LOCKYEAR ( - ).

2 Jean CARRECK (1936- ).

Born 31 Mar 1936, Hampton Hill, Middlesex, UK.

Sp. William Henry JANSEN (1930- ).

1 Linda Jean JANSEN (1958- ).

Born 11 Oct 1958, Australia.

Sp. Gregory LOVEDER (1951- ).

1 Miles William LOVEDER (1999- ).

Born 1999, Australia.

2 Alan William JANSEN ( - ).

Born Australia.

Sp. Sharon JACKSON ( - ).

1 Candice Dior JANSEN (1992- ).

Born 12 Jan 1992, Australia.

2 James JANSEN (1994- ).

Born 22 Sep 1994, Australia.

3 Andrew James JANSEN ( - ).

Born Australia.

3 Alan Charles CARRECK (1943- ).

Born 1943, Teddington, Middx, UK.

Sp. Juliet Eileen LANE (1942- ).

1 Steven Alan CARRECK (1966- ).

Born 10 Feb 1966, Australia.

2 Michael Charles CARRECK (1968- ).

Born 23 Oct 1968, Australia.

3 Lisa Jane CARRECK (1977- ).

Born 18 Sep 1977, Australia.

Sp. Jason POTTER ( - ).

1 Nathan Jason POTTER (1999- ).

Born 22 Jun 1999, Australia.

4 Naomi Jean CARRECK (1981- ).

Born 24 Mar 1981, Australia.

4 Margaret CARRECK (1946- ).

Born 1946, Hampton Court, Middx. UK.


Sp. Roy HAMPTON (1940- ).

1 David Roy HAMPTON (1966- ).

Born 23 Dec 1966, Australia.

Sp. Cherylle DUKE ( - ).

1 Mitchell Roy HAMPTON (1998- ).

Born 27 Aug 1998, Australia.

2 Cooper Alan HAMPTON (2000- ).

Born 3 Jan 2000, Australia.

2 Glenn Vernon Victor HAMPTON (1972- ).

Born 18 Oct 1972, Australia.

Sp. Elise Clare GUYMER ( - ).

3 Alison Ann HAMPTON (1973- ).

Born 13 Nov 1973, Australia.

Sp. David COCHRAN ( - ).

1 Cloe Margaret COCHRAN (2003- ).

Born 17 Dec 2003, Australia.

2 Benjamin David COCHRAN ( - ).

Born Australia.

5 Ann CARRECK (1946- ).

Born 1946, Hampton Court, Middx. UK.


Sp. George John BANNISTER (1940- ).

1 Craig George Sydney BANNISTER (1972- ).

Born 9 May 1972, Australia.

2 John Reginald BANNISTER (1973- ).

Born 13 Nov 1973, Australia.

3 Jenifer Ann BANNISTER (1987- ).

Born 27 May 1987, Australia.

2 Evelyn Margaret GREENWOOD ( - ).

Born Hampton Hill, Middx. UK. Marr Frederick BERWICK. Died.

Sp. Frederick BERWICK ( - ).

3 Charles GREENWOOD ( -1921).

Born Hampton Hill, Middx. UK. Died 1921, Cork, Ireland (Killed In Action).

Killed by rebel forces in Ireland in 1921 at the end of the Irish warof independence.

Maureen Carreck says:
"Grandma (Mary Agnes Emma) travelled to Cork to collect his body. During the journey the train was stopped (by rebel forces?) and she had to get under the seat.
When she reached Cork, his coffin was already nailed down but they hadkept a lock of Charlie's hair for his mother".

4 Leonard GREENWOOD ( - ).

Born Hampton Hill, Middx. UK. Marr Eva WARREN 1922 (est). Died.

Sp. Eva WARREN ( - ).

6 Minnie SHORTLAND (1876-1876).

Born 1876, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK. Died 1876, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK.

7 Rupert Cowell SHORTLAND9 (1877-1939).

Born Q3 1877, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK. Marr Catherine MAHER 27 Feb 1901, St Peters, Dublin, Ireland.10 Died Q2 1939, Farnborough, Aldershot, Hampshire.11,12 Edgewood Cottage, Hawley Rd, Hawley. Cause: Internal haemorrhaging duodenal ulcer & bronchitis. Widow C. Shortland was present at the death.

Listed in 1891 census as 15 y/o Errand Boy. Resident with John and Rebecca Shortland at 42 Newland Meadows, with Albert E., and Frederick C. Drummer Rupert Shortland (brother of John Francis Shortland who founded the Cork dynasty) was awarded the King's South Africa Medal for service in the Boer War. This handsome medal was purchased for an unstated sum from an Australian collector by Rupert's great-grandniece Gabrielle Shortland, resident Cork Ireland, and is now in her possession."I could not believe it," says Gabrielle, "when the medal was advertised on the internet at the very point I began to research my great-granduncle's life. I believe that Rupert intended me to have this medal." A month or so after getting the first medal from Australia, the same collector received shipment from USA with its "twin" the Queen's South Africa in it. More kismet.

Sp. Catherine MAHER13 (1879- ).

Note on Marriage to Rupert Cowell SHORTLAND: Married to Katie - 1901 Census.


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about Rupert Cowell Shortland
Name: Rupert Cowell Shortland
Year of Registration: 1877
Quarter of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep
County: Buckinghamshire
Volume: 3a
Page: 507 (click to see others on page)
10Interpreted by Colin Davidson (researcher), "Service Papers - Rupert C Shortland". Text From Source: Military Service Papers state that he married Katherine Maher on 27th Feb 1901 at St Peter, Dublin.
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