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Eliza HERBERT (1802?- )

1 Eliza HERBERT (1802?- ), dau. of John HERBERT ( - ).

Born 1802 (cal), Little Gaddesden, Hertfordshire, UK.1 Marr (Unknown) LAWRENCE 1830 (est). Marr Francis SHORTLAND 1839, Berkhamsted, Herts.

Sp. (Unknown) LAWRENCE ( -bef1875).

1 Adelaide LAWRENCE (1831- ).

Born 1831, Lambeth, Surrey, UK.

2 Henry LAWRENCE (1834?- ).

Born 1834 (est), Lambeth, Surrey, UK.

Sp. Francis SHORTLAND (1796?-1875), son of John SHORTLAND (1738?-1820) and Mary YOUNG (1750?-1818).

But now for the real anomalies. The baptismal certs give mother to all his children as "Elizabeth". So where is Jane Ridgeway?
a) 1816 Mary: Elizabeth "first daughter" of Francis and Elizabeth Shortnall (born 1815)
b) 1835: Ellen, "adult, daughter of Francis & Elizabeth" (born 1818) (presumably "second daughter"?)
c) 1836 20th March: Margaret "third daughter" (born 1821)
d) 1836 20th March: John "second son" (born 1832) (Who was first son?)
e) 1836 20th March: Joseph "third son" (born 1834)
f) 1836 20th March: George "fourth son" (born 1836)

Note that the George born 1836, baptised 1836, is without doubt the same George who died aged 1 in 1837. But we know his mother was Jane Ridgeway who died in 1838.
So it is clear that the recording of "Elizabeth" as mother to ALL the baptised children is a clerical error. Perhaps Francis gave mother of Margaret, the eldest to be baptised, as "Elizabeth" and the clerk recorded them all as of same mother.

Note on Marriage to Eliza HERBERT: the marriage in 1839 of Francis ShortNELL to Eliza Lawrence in Gt Berkhamsted. (Francis widower, father John, Eliza widow).


1"Census 1851 Berkhamsted, Herts. HO/107/1716/5".

Source: Census 1851 Berkhamsted, Herts. HO/107/1716/5, 1851 - Eliza and the Lawrences