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GayeGaye SHORTLAND (1948- )


Gabrielle SHORTLAND, 1998, age 50, Gaye


Spouse: Iya MOHAMED, 1978, age 26, Iya "Meez" Mohomed


Spouse: Akhmed OUNFANA, 1985, age 33, Kani

1 Gabrielle SHORTLAND (1948- ), dau. of Richard Francis SHORTLAND (1914-1979) and Julia Christina O'BRIEN (1921-2013).

Born 28 Feb 1948, Cork City, Ireland. Marr Akhmed OUNFANA 25 May 1984.

Gaye was born in Cork and has taught English literature in UniversityCollege Cork, The University of Leeds, Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria Nigeria, and the Universite du Niamey in Niger. She also taught English as a foreign language (TEFL) at the American Cultural Center in Niamey.

Returning with her Tuareg husband and family to Ireland in the early '90's she recommenced her TEFL teaching career with University College Cork for two years before taking up the position of Editor with Poolbeg Press in Dublin.

She is the author of five critically acclaimed novels. "Mind That 'Tis My Brother" and "Turtles All The Way Down" are comedies set in Cork."Polygamy", "Harmattan" and the most recent, "Rough Rides In Dry Places" are set in Africa - the latter again a comedy.

Through all this literary success, Gaye dreams of opening a refuge centre for dogs.

Sp. Iya MOHAMED (c. 1952- ), son of Mohamed ( - ).

Lived periodically in Zaria, Nigeria, where he worked as a nightwatchman in the 1970s and 80s, when droughts ravaged Saharan Niger. Re-married with children. Has a younger brother, Anow, whose picture was used on the cover of Gaye's novel "Harmattan". A cousin, is featured on the cover of "Polygamy" (name unknown).

His paternal uncle was head of family - Sidi Armraren

His paternal cousin - Ibnou Sidi-Mohamed born C. 1950.

1 Maryam Eithne SHORTLAND (1978- ).

Born 1978, London, UK.

Sp. Jamie FUREY ( - ).

1 Éabha SHORTLAND FUREY (2006- ).

Born 17 Dec 2006, Cork City, Ireland.

2 Séadna James SHORTLAND FUREY (2012- ).

Born 12 Mar 2012, Cork City, Ireland.

3 Freya Áille SHORTLAND FUREY (2014- ).

Born 9 Apr 2014, Cork City, Ireland.

Sp. Akhmed OUNFANA (1952-2011), son of Ounfana ( - ) and Tuomo ( - ).

Nomadic Tuareg of Sahara.
Resident in Niger. Lived in Zaria, Nigeria, in the 1980s when droughts ravaged Saharan Niger.

Our marriage: 25 May 1984

Birth date: around 1952
Place: Abalama, Air, Agades
Father: Ounfana
Mother: Toumo
Profession: Pastoralist & Mechanic

Sister: Raechitu (born around 1947?) Air, Agades
Brother: Ibrahim (born around 1942?) Air, Agades
Profession: ex-Garde Nationale (desert policeman)
Sister: Unknown (born around 1940?).

2 Adam SHORTLAND-AKHMED (1985- ).

Born 19 Feb 1985, Niamey, Republique du Niger. Bap 1990, Mayfield, Cork, Ireland.

Born: Niamey, Republique du Niger, Africa (at 9:20 am).

3 Aghali SHORTLAND-AKHMED (1987- ).

Born 26 Jan 1987, Niamey, Republique du Niger. Bap 1990, Mayfield, Cork, Ireland.

Born: Niamey, Republique du Niger, Africa (at 17:55). Birth cert registered parental name as Ounfana rather than Akhmed.