May HOLLAND (1881?- )


Spouse: Frederick John SHORTLAND

1 May HOLLAND (1881?- ).

Born 1881 (cal), UK. Marr Frederick John SHORTLAND 28 Sep 1939, Registry Office, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK.

Sp. Frederick John SHORTLAND (1865-1945), son of John SHORTLAND (1831-1916) and Eliza COWELL (1843-1879).

Sent: Saturday, November 25, 2006 11:33 PM
From: Norm' Ford
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Gaye = Until I found the Shortland website on the Net I did not know there were any other Shortlands other than my mother and Frederick John Shortland who, by the way, spent a few years in the Bucks and Oxon Light Infantry as did his father. John Shortland, the Patriarch, must have put in at least 20 years since he was a pensioner when he died.

I estimate Frederick John Shortland would have joined up between 1883 and 1885 or a bit later. I believe he played in the band and when a small kid I found parts of his uniform and brass band instruments in their house in Wycombe. I wonder if the term "drummer" refers to a member of a military band, not merely one who played a drum.
Regards = Norm' Ford

Sent: Friday, October 25, 2007.
From: Norm' Ford
The discovery by Colin of the cottage "Stepping Stones" at Lacey Green rather than Speen, Bucks and that my grandfather Frederick John Shortland's second wife was called May Holland is a big step forward. I still believe my mother referred to her as "Nan" but many Shortland family members appear to have had nicknames. For example, F.J. Shortland's first wife Emma was often called "Bob" and the kids called her Auntie Bob. My parents almost always referred to me as "Mac" rather than Norman. So that may explain the name "Nan".

Colin's report about the various Shortland military records topples my belief that Frederick John Shortland served in the Bucks and Oxon Light Infantry. He was definitely in some kind of military service. Most likely in the same "militia" as his father. I always assumed that "militia" was another word for "Army". If not, what was it?

First, I am positive that Frederick John Shortland did not serve in World War I. He did tell me that every summer his military unit went to Ramsgate, Kent for training. Could he have been in the territorials? As far as I can remember, he played a bass (a brass instrument) in a military band. He also played in a Salvation Army band.
Regards = Norm' Ford.

Note on Marriage to May HOLLAND: Norm Ford remembers this person as being called Nan.

Research shows us that her name was actually May (Holland) which coincides with Maureen Carreck's recollection of a visit during the war.