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Michael GEARY (1949- )

1 Michael GEARY (1949- ), son of John GEARY (1912-1984) and Julia Mary BYRNE (1920-2000).

Born 1949, Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Sp. Eileen WHELTON (1949- ).

Timoleague, Co Cork.

1 Adrian GEARY (1971- ).

Born 1971, Cork City, Ireland.

Sp. Sarah CASHIN ( - ).

1 Max CASHIN (2004- ).

Born 2004, Cork City, Ireland.

2 Cormac GEARY (2006- ).

Born 2006, Cork City, Ireland.

2 Nicola GEARY (1977- ).

Born 1977, Cork City, Ireland. Marr Dan BURR 2010, Dongara, Western Australia.

Sp. Dan BURR ( - ).

1 Lucas BURR (2010- ).

Born 22 Nov 2010, Dongara, Western Australia.

2 Connor Michael David BURR1 (2013- ).

Born 30 Sep 2013, Dongara, Western Australia.

3 Aoife Rose BURR2 (2018- ).

Born 17 Apr 2018, Perth, Western Australia.


1Nicola Geary Burr, "Facebook".
2Ibid. Text From Source: I would love to introduce the Newest Burr on the block ๐Ÿ’• On Tuesday the 17th of April at 2.22pm Aoife Rose Burr was born in King Edward Memorial Hospital, Perth. We are currently in NICU on a little oxygen and doing incredibly well. Aoife (Ee-fa) has Trisomy 21 which was a prenatal diagnosis, she's the cutest and happiest little girl, I am beyond besotted with my gorgeous girl ๐Ÿ’•.Her brothers are yet to have cuddles but have seen her via video camera here in the hospital ๐Ÿ’Thank you to everyone for your beautiful well wishes, prayers, calls,texts, messages. And the Biggest Thanks to my Beautiful Mum who flew in last Friday to help me out with my boys โค๏ธ Your a legend Granny! We look forward to coming home soon and having cuddles with everyone xxx