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Charles GREENWOOD ( -1921)


Charles GREENWOOD, 1920?

Name: Charles GREENWOOD
Sex: Male
Father: Francis George GREENWOOD (1879- )
Mother: Mary Agnes Emma SHORTLAND (1874-1952)

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth Hampton Hill, Middx. UK
Occupation Soldier
Religion Anglican
Death 1921 Cork, Ireland (Killed In Action)

Individual Note

Killed by rebel forces in Ireland in 1921 at the end of the Irish warof independence.


Maureen Carreck says:

"Grandma (Mary Agnes Emma) travelled to Cork to collect his body. During the journey the train was stopped (by rebel forces?) and she had to get under the seat.

When she reached Cork, his coffin was already nailed down but they hadkept a lock of Charlie's hair for his mother".