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William MITCHELL (1897- )

1 William MITCHELL (1897- ), son of John MITCHELL (1869-1936) and Hannah O'BRIEN (1873?-1949).

Born 1897, Cork City, Ireland.

Willy married twice, to sisters Kitty and Josephine Wynn. Willy was going out with Josephine first in Cork. Willy then decided to move to America and before he left he asked Josephine to move to America with him and they would marry, but she didn't want to leave. Later her sister Kitty moved out to america and she married Willy. Later, Kitty died, and Willy moved back to Ireland. Josephine, meanwhile had married and was widowed. Willy and Josephine rekindled their romance in Cork and married.

Sp. Catherine WYNNE ( - ).

Sp. Josephine (UNKNOWN) FORMERLY WYNNE ( - ).