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Family of Mark Richard WESTON and Maureen CARRECK

Husband: Mark Richard WESTON (1953- )
Wife: Maureen CARRECK (1934- )
Status: Divorced
Marriage 1977

Husband: Mark Richard WESTON


Mark Richard WESTON

Name: Mark Richard WESTON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Jan 1953 Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Religion Anglican

Wife: Maureen CARRECK



Name: Maureen CARRECK
Sex: Female
Father: Sydney Charles CARRECK (1907-1964)
Mother: Eileen Mary GREENWOOD (1911-2001)
Birth 1934 Hampton Hill, Middx., UK
Religion Anglican
Emigration 1951 (age 16-17) to Australia
National or Tribal Origin English
Child Count 2
Marriage Count 2

Note on Wife: Maureen CARRECK

Went to Australia in 1951 - now lives in Victoria.


After divorce, Maureen reverted to her maiden name Carreck in honour of her father.