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Family of Alan Charles CARRECK and Juliet Eileen LANE

Husband: Alan Charles CARRECK (1943- )
Wife: Juliet Eileen LANE (1942- )
Children: Steven Alan CARRECK (1966- )
Michael Charles CARRECK (1968- )
Lisa Jane CARRECK (1977- )
Naomi Jean CARRECK (1981- )

Husband: Alan Charles CARRECK


Alan Charles CARRECK

Name: Alan Charles CARRECK
Sex: Male
Father: Sydney Charles CARRECK (1907-1964)
Mother: Eileen Mary GREENWOOD (1911-2001)
Birth 1943 Teddington, Middx, UK
Religion Anglican
National or Tribal Origin English
Child Count 4
Marriage Count 1

Wife: Juliet Eileen LANE


Juliet Eileen LANE

Name: Juliet Eileen LANE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 20 Dec 1942 Feltham, Middx. UK
Religion Anglican

Child 1: Steven Alan CARRECK

Name: Steven Alan CARRECK
Sex: Male
Birth 10 Feb 1966 Australia
Religion Anglican

Child 2: Michael Charles CARRECK

Name: Michael Charles CARRECK
Sex: Male
Birth 23 Oct 1968 Australia
Religion Anglican

Child 3: Lisa Jane CARRECK

Name: Lisa Jane CARRECK
Sex: Female
Spouse: Jason POTTER ( - )
Birth 18 Sep 1977 Australia
Religion Anglican

Child 4: Naomi Jean CARRECK

Name: Naomi Jean CARRECK
Sex: Female
Birth 24 Mar 1981 Australia
Religion Anglican