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Family of Maxo CIUS and Fiona DE HOOG

Husband: Maxo CIUS (1986- )
Wife: Fiona DE HOOG (1984- )
Children: Teyodat DE HOOG CIUS (2018- )
Marriage 27 Nov 2015 Jacmel, Haiti

Husband: Maxo CIUS


Maxo CIUS, 2015, age 29

Name: Maxo CIUS
Sex: Male
Father: Exius CIUS ( - )
Mother: Sedilia EXAVIER ( - )
Birth 26 Nov 1986 Port-de-Paix, Haiti

Wife: Fiona DE HOOG


Fiona DE HOOG, 2015, age 31

Name: Fiona DE HOOG
Sex: Female
Name Prefix: Dr.
Father: Michiel DE HOOG (1956- )
Mother: Valerie SHORTLAND (1952- )
Birth 4 Sep 1984 Pithiviers, France
Education btw 2005 and 2008 (age 20-24) -; University of Hull
French and Philosophy

Child 1: Teyodat DE HOOG CIUS


Teyodat DE HOOG CIUS, 2018, age 0

Name: Teyodat DE HOOG CIUS
Sex: Male
Birth 1 Apr 2018 Cayes-Jacmel, Haiti

Note on Wife: Fiona DE HOOG

Born Pithiviers, in the Loiret, France, at 4.30am on 04 September 1984, went home to Chartres, Rue de Reverdy Fiona was born in Pithiviers because that's where Michel Odent, of natural-birth and birth -in-water fame was working.. She met him giving a talk in Dublin a few years ago..