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Family of Kenneth MCLEAN and Lynda Christine ALEXANDER

Husband: Kenneth MCLEAN (1960- )
Wife: Lynda Christine ALEXANDER (1956- )
Children: Virginia Sarah MCLEAN (1989- )
Andrew Alexander MCLEAN (1993- )
Marriage 9 Mar 1985 Normandy, Surrey, UK

Husband: Kenneth MCLEAN

Name: Kenneth MCLEAN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 14 Apr 1960 Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Wife: Lynda Christine ALEXANDER

Name: Lynda Christine ALEXANDER
Sex: Female
Father: John Evans ALEXANDER (1921-1992)
Mother: Margaret Christine (Patricia) BARRETT (1932-1998)
Birth 17 Aug 1956 Lambeth, Surrey, UK

Child 1: Virginia Sarah MCLEAN

Name: Virginia Sarah MCLEAN
Sex: Female
Birth 16 Aug 1989 Woking, Surrey, UK

Child 2: Andrew Alexander MCLEAN

Name: Andrew Alexander MCLEAN
Sex: Male
Birth 25 Feb 1993 Chartres, France