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Family of John Evans ALEXANDER and Margaret Christine (Patricia) BARRETT

Husband: John Evans ALEXANDER (1921-1992)
Wife: Margaret Christine (Patricia) BARRETT (1932-1998)
Children: Lynda Christine ALEXANDER (1956- )
Helen Susan ALEXANDER (1961- )
Marriage 31 Mar 1955 Shepherd's Bush, London

Husband: John Evans ALEXANDER


John Evans ALEXANDER, 1956, age 35

Name: John Evans ALEXANDER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1 Sep 1921 Belfast, Northern Ireland
Death 27 Jun 1992 (age 70) Chartres, France
Cause: Heart attack and stroke.

Wife: Margaret Christine (Patricia) BARRETT


Margaret Christine (Patricia) BARRETT, 1956, age 24

Name: Margaret Christine (Patricia) BARRETT1
Sex: Female
Father: Richard BARRETT (1888?-1950)
Mother: Catherine COOKE (1892?- )
Birth 25 Jun 1932 Cork City, Ireland
Death 27 Mar 1998 (age 65) Lincoln, UK

Child 1: Lynda Christine ALEXANDER

Name: Lynda Christine ALEXANDER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Kenneth MCLEAN (1960- )
Birth 17 Aug 1956 Lambeth, Surrey, UK

Child 2: Helen Susan ALEXANDER

Name: Helen Susan ALEXANDER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Mario CONTESSA (1960- )
Birth 10 Nov 1961 Larne, Northern Ireland, UK

Note on Husband: John Evans ALEXANDER

Died while visiting his daughter Lynda.


1"Emails from Helen Contessa 2016". Their wedding day was the 31/3/1955. They married in Shepherd's Bush London. Pat's birth had been registered as Margaret Christine but she was christened Patricia Margaret Christine and called Pat. Pat had to sign a legal document to say she had always been known as Patricia.