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Family of Churton Henry Prinz PAULI and Monica Aileen DONOHOE

Partner: Churton Henry Prinz PAULI (1901-1972)
Partner: Monica Aileen DONOHOE (1902-1997)
Marriage Q3 1940 Bristol, UK1

Partner: Churton Henry Prinz PAULI

Name: Churton Henry Prinz PAULI
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1901
Death Q1 1972 (age 70-71) Bristol, UK2

Partner: Monica Aileen DONOHOE

Name: Monica Aileen DONOHOE3
Sex: Female
Father: Maurice DONOHOE (1877-1961)
Mother: Emma FEWSTER (1877-1952)
Birth 4 Sep 1902 Sculcoates, UK4
Death Dec 1997 (age 95) Bristol, UK5

Note on Wife: Monica Aileen DONOHOE

1911 Census gives her name as Monica Eileen (written by her mother)


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Text From Source: Monica Aileen
Date of birth as detailed on her death cert is 4 Sep 1902. A late registration.
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