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Family of Charles MEHIGAN and Ellen COONEY

Husband: Charles MEHIGAN (1919-2006)
Wife: Ellen COONEY ( -2012)
Children: Catherine Antoinette MEHIGAN (1948- )
Angela Christine MEHIGAN (1950- )
Marion MEHIGAN (1952-2011)
Timothy Finbarr MEHIGAN (1954- )
Josephine Charlotte MEHEGAN (1959- )
Patricia Helen MEHEGAN (1961- )
Marriage 1947 Cork City, Ireland

Husband: Charles MEHIGAN

Name: Charles MEHIGAN
Sex: Male
Father: Timothy MEHEGAN (1888-1970)
Mother: Catherine O'DRISCOLL (1893-1965)
Birth 1919 Cork City, Ireland
Residence Greenmount, Cork City, Cork
Occupation Con Murphy's Menswear
Death 2006 (age 86-87) Cork City, Ireland

Wife: Ellen COONEY

Name: Ellen COONEY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Cork City, Ireland
Occupation Publican
Death 23 Apr 2012 Cork City, Ireland

Child 1: Catherine Antoinette MEHIGAN

Name: Catherine Antoinette MEHIGAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Brendan MURPHY ( - )
Birth 1948

Child 2: Angela Christine MEHIGAN

Name: Angela Christine MEHIGAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Patrick MULLANE ( - )
Birth 1950

Child 3: Marion MEHIGAN

Name: Marion MEHIGAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Corneilus CRONIN ( - )
Birth 1952 Cork City, Ireland
Death Jun 2011 (age 58-59) Cork City, Ireland

Child 4: Timothy Finbarr MEHIGAN

Name: Timothy Finbarr MEHIGAN
Sex: Male
Birth 1954

Child 5: Josephine Charlotte MEHEGAN

Name: Josephine Charlotte MEHEGAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Paul COTTER (1958- )
Birth 1959

Child 6: Patricia Helen MEHEGAN

Name: Patricia Helen MEHEGAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Neil MANLEY (1958- )
Birth 1961

Note on Husband: Charles MEHIGAN

Probably due to school influence Bob and Charlie and others spelled the name Mehigan whilie the rest use the more traditional form:- Mehegan

Note on Wife: Ellen COONEY

Ran the Bridge Tavern, on South Gate Bridge. Now (2009) demolished under Beamish & Crawford site