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Family of Jeremiah GEARY and Johanna MACKEY

Husband: Jeremiah GEARY (1910-1987)
Wife: Johanna MACKEY (1921-2000)
Marriage 1 May 1951 Castlelyons, Fermoy, Co.Cork

Husband: Jeremiah GEARY

Name: Jeremiah GEARY1
Sex: Male
Father: Timothy GEARY (1868-1948)
Mother: Catherine HENNESSY (1871-1955)
Birth 28 Jan 1910 Old Court, Ballincurrig, Leamara, Co.Cork
Death 20 May 1987 (age 77) Cork University Hospital

Wife: Johanna MACKEY

Name: Johanna MACKEY1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 16 Feb 1921
Death 29 Sep 2000 (age 79) Old Court, Ballincurrig, Leamara, Co.Cork


1"Geary Import - courtesy of Seamus Geary, Castlelyons.". Record originated in...