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Family of Nicholas HENNESSY and Mary HURLEY

Husband: Nicholas HENNESSY (1898?- )
Wife: Mary HURLEY (1898?- )
Children: Jeremiah William HENNESSY (1921-2001)
Christine HENNESSY (1922?-1965?)
Robert HENNESSY (1923?-2006?)
Kathleen HENNESSY (1924?-2005?)
John Paul HENNESSY (1925?-1983?)
William HENNESSY (1928?-1989)
Siobhan HENNESSY (1932- )
Finnebar Richard HENNESSY (1936- )
Margarita HENNESSY (1938- )

Husband: Nicholas HENNESSY

Name: Nicholas HENNESSY
Sex: Male
Father: Nicholas HENNESSY (1860?- )
Mother: -
Birth 1898 (est) Cork City, Ireland
Occupation Hairdresser

Wife: Mary HURLEY

Name: Mary HURLEY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1898 (est) Cork City, Ireland

Child 1: Jeremiah William HENNESSY

Name: Jeremiah William HENNESSY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Catherine BARRETT (1924-1991)
Birth 1921 Cork City, Ireland
Death 2001 (age 79-80) London, UK

Child 2: Christine HENNESSY

Name: Christine HENNESSY
Sex: Female
Birth 1922 (est) Cork City, Ireland
Death 1965 (est) (age 42-43) London, UK

Child 3: Robert HENNESSY

Name: Robert HENNESSY
Sex: Male
Birth 1923 (est) Cork City, Ireland
Death 2006 (est) (age 82-83) England, UK
Burial Cork City, Ireland

Child 4: Kathleen HENNESSY

Name: Kathleen HENNESSY
Sex: Female
Birth 1924 (est) Cork City, Ireland
Death 2005 (est) (age 80-81) Merseyside, UK

Child 5: John Paul HENNESSY

Name: John Paul HENNESSY
Sex: Male
Birth 1925 (est) Cork City, Ireland
Death 1983 (est) (age 57-58) London, UK

Child 6: William HENNESSY

Name: William HENNESSY
Sex: Male
Birth 1928 (est) Cork City, Ireland
Death 1989 (age 60-61) London, UK

Child 7: Siobhan HENNESSY

Name: Siobhan HENNESSY
Sex: Female
Birth 1932 Cork City, Ireland

Child 8: Finnebar Richard HENNESSY

Name: Finnebar Richard HENNESSY
Sex: Male
Birth 1936 Cork City, Ireland

Child 9: Margarita HENNESSY

Name: Margarita HENNESSY
Sex: Female
Birth 1938 Cork City, Ireland

Note on Husband: Nicholas HENNESSY

Had hairdressing establishment in Winthrop St. Also possibly in Marlboro St where Franks' later was.