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Family of Charles O'FLAHERTY and Elizabeth Pauline SHORTLAND

Husband: Charles O'FLAHERTY ( - )
Wife: Elizabeth Pauline SHORTLAND (1926-2019)
Children: Rita O'FLAHERTY ( - )
Marriage Q3 1953 Cork City, Ireland1

Husband: Charles O'FLAHERTY

Name: Charles O'FLAHERTY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Cork City, Ireland
Occupation Lee Boot Factory, Cork

Wife: Elizabeth Pauline SHORTLAND

Name: Elizabeth Pauline SHORTLAND
Sex: Female
Father: Richard SHORTLAND (1889-1961)
Mother: Mary Ellen HUSSEY ( - )
Birth Q3 1926 Cork City, Ireland2
Religion Roman Catholic
National or Tribal Origin Irish
Marriage Count 2
Death 16 Apr 2019 (age 92) Cork City, Ireland

Child 1: Rita O'FLAHERTY

Sex: Female

Note on Husband: Charles O'FLAHERTY

Brother of Thomas Flaherty who married Rita Shortland


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