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Family of Daniel CRONIN and Mary Ellen HORGAN

Husband: Daniel CRONIN ( - )
Wife: Mary Ellen HORGAN (1893?- )
Children: Eily CRONIN ( - )
Donal CRONIN ( - )
Maura CRONIN ( - )
Michael CRONIN ( - )
Maurice CRONIN ( - )
Ann CRONIN ( - )
Josephine CRONIN ( - )
Gretta CRONIN ( - )
Paul CRONIN ( - )

Husband: Daniel CRONIN

Name: Daniel CRONIN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Mary Ellen HORGAN

Name: Mary Ellen HORGAN
Sex: Female
Father: John FITZPATRICK (1861?-bef1923)
Mother: Ellen CONDON (1865?-1924?)
Birth 1893 (cal) Cork City, Ireland1
Religion Roman Catholic
National or Tribal Origin Irish
Child Count 9
Marriage Count 1
Census 2 Apr 1911 (age 18) Cork City, Ireland1
5 Reed's Square
Occupation 2 Apr 1911 (age 17-18) Boarder / Shop Asst.; Cork City, Ireland1
Death "1970's (est)" Cork City, Ireland

Child 1: Eily CRONIN

Name: Eily CRONIN
Sex: Female

Child 2: Donal CRONIN

Name: Donal CRONIN
Sex: Male
Occupation RC Priest

Child 3: Maura CRONIN

Name: Maura CRONIN
Sex: Female

Child 4: Michael CRONIN

Name: Michael CRONIN
Sex: Male

Child 5: Maurice CRONIN

Name: Maurice CRONIN
Sex: Male

Child 6: Ann CRONIN

Name: Ann CRONIN
Sex: Female

Child 7: Josephine CRONIN

Name: Josephine CRONIN
Sex: Female

Child 8: Gretta CRONIN

Name: Gretta CRONIN
Sex: Female

Child 9: Paul CRONIN

Name: Paul CRONIN
Sex: Male
Occupation RC Priest

Note on Wife: Mary Ellen HORGAN (1)

Raised by the John & Ellen Fitzpatrick after her parents died

Note on Wife: Mary Ellen HORGAN (2)

Ellen Condon's unknown sister had daughter Mary Ellen Horgan who was reared with the Fitzpatricks when her mother died. She became Mrs Cronin who lived in Macroom.

Mrs Cronin had:

Eileen (Eily)

Donal (Donie) who became Franciscan in Galway

Maura (Mary)




Paul (Francican who used say Mass in Killarney when we used to camp. He left preisthood and married and had children)


1"Census 1911 Cork City, Ireland".